Eugene Leung

Eugene rounds out the rhythm section as the Hymn Remix Project’s bassist.  A proponent of musical exploration, he hopes that people will “enjoy the old hymns through different expressions of music.”

An active multi-instrumentalist since youth, Eugene has performed in a variety of jazz, classical, rock, and even vocal ensembles.  He describes his experience as “jamming in random bands” at a range of venues, such as “talent shows, banquets, malls, plazas, bars and open mikes.”  He also served in worship ministry at Scarborough Community Alliance Church, playing bass and electric guitar.

Eugene credits his keen ear and appreciation for bass to a veritable “who’s-who” of great bassists, including Flea, John Myung, Victor Wooten, Paolo Gregoletto, Duff McKagan, Steve Harris, Marcus Miller, Les Claypool and Lemmy.